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Zhuji Jiangcheng Machinery Co., Ltd.

Welcome to our factory
Zhuji Jiangcheng Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of a variety of high-grade brass valves, brass fittings and multilayer pipes. Our products divide to nine series: PP-R piping systems, electroplate aluminum plastic compound tube adapter series, brass aluminum plastic compound tube adapter serious, water divider systems,  heater-supply pipe systems, PE-X supply water systems, Aluminum-plastic PP-R systems, valves systems and thread &solder copper alloy fittings.
All our products are made to the highest technical specifications, and incorporate the latest design technology. Since many years ago, Zhejiang Linglong has been cooperating with some domestic scientific research institutes in various-kind realms, successfully developed “LINGLONG” brands' 9 series of over 2,000 kinds of products and processed various kind products according to clients offering samples and production service with sticking “LINGLONG” brand. Zhejiang Linglong has passed the international Standard identification and fully realized ISO9001:2000 Quality Administration System, after cooperation with domestic authorized organs to guarantee the products up to the first class level quality.

Zhejiang Linglong's facilities include test rooms and laboratories where pipes and fittings are tested. All of Linglong's products are evaluated by the relevant regulatory body of the Chinese government, and all of our products specifications are designed to exceed national industry standards.

Zhejiang Linglong has a very extensive marketing and operations network – the company has over 100 agencies and sales offices in China and overseas. Relying on our enviable reputation and company image, our product excellence and innovation, and our extensive technical expertise, Zhejiang Linglong has become a major player in the global market. Zhejiang Linglong has always been keeping on the goal of “Promoting Development on Quality and Expending Market on Fame”, striving to develop and produce new-type water-plumbing popes so as to improve the customers' life quality and promote their health. We warmly and sincerely welcome all friends from home and abroad come here and give you a pleasant surprise. We always seek to exploit new markets , and our products are sold widely across Europe, America and Southeast Asia.

Founded in 2004

Why choose us

We are an enterprise specializing in designing and manufacturing pipe industry. 

  • It is one of the enterprises that integrates plumbing product production and professionalism with scale in South China Hardware City.

  • The factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters, with a construction area of 16,000 square meters.

  • The company adopts high and new technology and introduces production lines from abroad to produce high-quality products. The scale of equipment, technical strength, testing methods and processing capabilities can design, produce, and test products by themselves.

  • The company implements the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system throughout the process.

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